Projects we are currently involved in:

BLM Saint George Field Office Travel Plan 2014

We are working with the BLM and Washington County to ensure that the travel plan includes all the trails and roads to preserve access.

Composting Toilets

We have acquired the funds to purchase our first Composting Toilet for Sand Mountain!  This Hi Tech facility will be installed at the top of Competition Hill on Sand Mountain – a popular gathering spot for many of the motor sports crowd.  Installation will begin June 12 and is expected to be completed on June 22.

This low maintenance toilet will be the first of what we hope to be several that will be located throughout the OHV area.

Stay tuned for more details!

Sand Mountain Trail Signs

This project will develop and install permanent trail signs for the popular trails in Sand Mountain. This project is financed by Recreation Permit Funds from the BLM.

Sand Mountain Land Exchange

In December of 2013, the Washington County Utah County Commission formally requested that the Bureau of Land Management initiate the process for a land swap of 1,200 acres inside the designated OHV area on Sand mountain for a residential development.  Read more…

Ridgeline Trail

We worked with the BLM and the Desert RATS to construct a new trail to access the West Rim trail system.  This was a cooperative program between the UPLA and the BLM.  This project is financed by Recreation Permit Funds from the BLM.